Privacy Policy

Kirimaya Co., Ltd. operates hotels and real estate. We realize the importance of, prioritize protecting, and respect your rights to personal information. Therefore, we have a security system in place to protect your personal information and operate within the rule of law to prevent access, disclosure, usage, and changes to your information without permission.

This privacy policy explains Kirimaya Co., Ltd.’s guideline of practice in collecting your personal information through the following channels:

  • Kirimaya’s hotels

  • Websites operated by us, and other websites of our hotels, partners, and service providers operated by a third party (such as hotel booking websites)

Personal Information Collection

Personal information in this privacy policy refers to any information identifiable to you both directly and indirectly, which you provide us voluntarily when contacting us through any means such as verbally, via written communication, or via electronics platforms specified below.

We may collect different types of personal information, including but not limited to the following:

  • Personal information and contact information such as name-surname, gender, nationality, date of birth, address, occupation, place of work, postal code, telephone number, email address, identifiable information issued by the government including identification number, driver’s license, taxpayer identification number, immigration information, passport information, and VISA

  • Guest information such as number of guests, number of rooms, travel plans, past bookings, date of check-in and check-out or date of cancelation, guest preferences, inquiry or feedback, and other information

  • Financial information such as credit/debit card data or bank accounts, credit/debit card number, type of card, accounting period, bank account details, and record and history of payment

  • Technical information such as internet protocol (IP) address, cookies, controller address, media access control, log, device ID, model and type of device, connection and network information, access information, date and time of access, time spent on our pages, login information, search history, browser details

  • Marketing and communication information such as information given to us through participation of events, surveys, and promotional campaigns

  • Identifiable image information such as photos and videos from CCTV and internet system recorded within our domains

  • Sensitive personal information such as ethnicity, religion, political view, fingerprints, facial recognition data, physical or mental health information, genetic information, medical history, disability, and criminal record. In case we unintentionally receive your sensitive information without any purpose of collection, the company will not process your sensitive personal information.

Purposes in Collecting, Usage, and Disclosure of Personal Information

Your personal information is collected for the purpose of transaction, event participation, and/or any purpose as you wish. To achieve our objectives, we may collect, use, and disclose your personal information including but not limited to the following purposes:

  • Marketing and communication: to promote marketing, contact, sell, offer special deals, offer promotional campaigns, notify, and subscribe you to news and information regarding our products and services.

  • Sensitive personal information requiring your permission: for your personal convenience and our service to our hotel guests.

  • For services as requested by you, whether that service is provided by our hotels, including to facilitate your booking, ensure and confirm your booking and stay, identify and confirm your identity, respond to your service request and inquiry, arrange quotation, and issue receipt, invoice, refund, and payment

  • To survey customer satisfaction such as for improvement of our services, submission of customer satisfaction and quality assurance survey, and implementation of changes according to customer’s personal preferences.

  • For security and management of information technology such as to identify and confirm persons, to ensure security for hotel customers and visitors, to arrange control of access to systems and generate log files where possible, and to track and inspect devices and internet systems

  • For other business purposes such as to process request of lost and found items, to record, improve, and share information, to collect information, to analyse the market, and to operate and expand our business activities

  • In case we collect a minor’s information, we will only process the information for the purpose stated by the owner or their parents, not for any other purpose.

  • To carry out lawful duties and orders by government organizations such as to arrange operations in accordance with the law including recording and submission of police reports and keep records of hotel guests as required by the law

Disclosure of Personal Information

Your information is to be kept as secret. We do not have a policy to sell your information to a third party. If we were to be lawfully obligated to disclose your information, we will only disclose the required information to only authorized individuals. However, we may disclose your personal information to the following individuals or organizations:

  • Kirimaya’s hotels: Your information may be accessed or disclosed to Kirimaya’s hotels to fulfil purposes stated in this privacy policy.

  • Service providers such as agencies, partners, contractors, consultants, financial institutions, cloud service providers, marketing agencies, information technology developers, only with whom we are contracted.

  • Government organizations and law enforcers: to comply with legal regulations or requirements in accordance with the law being enforced, court order, court warrant, or any other legal proceedings.

Personal Information Storage Duration

Your personal information is to be kept for a necessary and appropriate duration of time to be used for the purposes stated in this privacy policy and to comply with the law and regulations. We may keep your personal information for longer if necessary, depending on the law being enforced.

Personal Information Owner’s Rights

According to the relevant provision of law under the Personal Data Protection Act of 2019, you have the following rights:

  • Rights to access your personal information: The owner of the information has the rights to access their information and request a copy of their information throughout the duration that information is being kept within the company.

  • Rights to transfer your personal information: The owner of the information has the rights to transfer their information to another information handler. This means you can request your information to be sent to you electronically and/or sent or transferred to another individual.

  • Rights to object to the collection, usage, or disclosure of your information in certain cases, including when we use your personal information for direct marketing.

  • Rights to delete, destroy, and suspend usage: The owner of the information has the rights to request the company to delete, destroy, or suspend usage of their personal information kept by the company. Alternatively, the owner can request the company to make the information unidentifiable to the owner if the said request requires no illegal activity.

  • Rights to correct your information: You have the rights to request the correction of your information to make it up to date, complete, and cause no misunderstanding.

  • Rights to complain to government organizations involved in protection of personal information.

  • Rights to revoke your permission: The owner of the information has the right to withdraw his consent at any time.

Contact Us

If you have any inquiry or question regarding this privacy policy or wish to exercise your rights as the owner of your personal information, please contact us through the following channels:

Kirimaya’s Hotels

1/3 Moo 6 Thanarat Road, Tambon Moosi, Amphoe Pak Chong, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, 30450

Tel: +6644-426000




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